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The TV adverts promising you a website for 99p in under an hour sound great, but what is the reality? Contact us, and we will tell you.


Websites and Hosting

This page covers four main sections:

  • Domain name choice and registration
  • Web design and web development
  • Hosting web sites
  • Recovering your domain name and / or website

Domain Name Choice and Registration

Picking the right domain name is a difficult choice, and we can talk you through it. We’ll also help you to understand why it is really important that you own your own domain name.
Don’t let someone else register it for you. We can help you to do this – it’s really easy. It also generally costs just £10 per year for a .uk or domain name.


Web Design and Web Development

We can build you anything from a simple landing page, to a complex website with a shop, and more. We work with a number of local partners – real people who you can speak to.

We also offer a copywriting service. Not to be confused with copyright, copywriting is when text is specifically written to promote something.


Hosting Web Sites

Regardless of who builds your web site, you will need to host it somewhere. We work with a local provider who is supported by one of the biggest hosting providers in the world. 


Recovering Your Domain Name or Web Site

Are you being held to ransom over “your” domain name? Does someone else now claim to own it. Is someone refusing to give you “your” web site files? These are both very difficult circumstances. There isn’t unfortunately always a good solution, but we can help you to find the best solution.

If you would like help with any of the above contact Magic Frog