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Our Approach

It’s not always about the money. How you spend your time has to be enjoyable. This is why we now focus on supporting small businesses, particularly new start-ups.

We always try to be honest and ethical when talking to clients. Our best advice to you might be “don’t do it”, but at least we can sleep at night.

Our focus is on things that we know you will find helpful and useful. Practical solutions to real problems. This is because we’ve been there, seen it, and got the t-shirt, as they say.

Take a look at the full list of services we offer listed on our home page. These include current favourites domain and web site recovery, and the hot topic of GDPR in the UK.


Bill Reed - Founder and Director

Bill has a BA (Hons) in Business Management and Organisation. He hasn’t just got the certificate though; he walked the walk developing and managing a sales team with an annual turnover of more than £150 million for one of the world’s leading IT companies.

During that time Bill developed a passion for Continuous Improvement. He also trained in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Later Bill added qualifications as an ISO 9001 Internal Auditor and in ISO 27001 (Data Information Security). 

Bill has lived and worked abroad and managed international multi-cultural teams. After a second redundancy, Bill set up Magic Frog, a network specialising in supporting small businesses, particularly new start-ups.